Investing in a SmartFund

1. Choose "Start a Fund" and Connect Wallet

To invest in a fund, first search and begin by clicking "Start Your Fund" on the landing page.

While you can scan a QR code to connect any wallet using WalletConnect, we recommend that you utilize the browser extension and wallet Metamask for the optimal user experience.

2. Switch wallet to the Polygon network

After choosing “Metamask”, select Polygon from the provided network options.

3. Choose a Fund To Invest In

On rinkeby, the “Explore Funds” page will populate with your options of funds to invest in. In this case, I chose to look at the Yield Farming Fund.

On Polygon, the manager will need to send you the link to the fund so that you can invest (due to SEC guidelines about advertising)

On the left side of the screen, you will see 4 different data visualization options for the graph on the right. In this case, I just wanted to see the fund’s aum, so that is the only one highlighted, but you can have any combination of the four metrics graphed at the same time.

Below you can see data on the fund including management and performance fees, total ROI, 3rd party pricing services, the contract and manager address which can be viewed on etherscan to see any recent fund transactions and an up to date cap table.

Below the fold, any assets owned by the fund are listed.

4. Contact Fund Manager

Before you are able to invest, you will have to contact the fund manager outside the platform to request to have your address whitelisted to interact with the contracts in order to keep funds compliant with local jurisdictions.

5. Confirm Transaction

After you have been whitelisted, an "invest" button will appear on the fund's page. After you click that, make sure you have the amount of USDC that you want to invest in your wallet in addition to enough $matic to cover any transaction costs. Make sure this is higher than the minimum investment amount for the fund and click invest to send your request to the manager for approval.

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